Rough Diamonds

A promise of perfection

What are raw diamonds?

Raw diamonds also known as rough diamonds are those that are yet to be processed and polished. They carry impurities along with diamonds so that they need to be scanned, cut, and polished. Rough diamonds come in different colours, shapes, with very little or no shine. They can be extracted naturally and even synthetically cultivated diamonds.

Technology & Services

Our company is incorporated with the most essential automation prerequisites of the diamond industry. We provide a high-quality approach towards scanning and other rough diamonds related services. We facilitate our clients with unique solutions with scanning edge technologies. Our capabilities lie in the perfection of scanning rough diamonds and creating a gem out of them. Our team of professionals adds value to our state-of-the-art technologies. Our machines and software are constantly upgraded and customised as per our clients that provide precise results.

At Bhanderi, we deliver services, from effective planning to scanning, quality control to customisation, of natural and lab-grown diamonds as well. We offer exquisite and specially-designed services to our customers to help us render 3D images and graphics of diamonds. We offer the fastest delivery, hassle-free performance, and 24 x 7 service providers. We believe in promising perfection.